Conferences and Workshops


If you are on this page, chances are you saw me speak at a workshop or conference.  Thanks for following up and visiting my blog.  This page houses all the presentations from conference and workshops at which I presented.

March 2015
World Congress of Modern Languages- Niagara Falls, ON

Workshop Topic: 
Cell Phones (and iPads) in the FSL Classroom (click link to download the presentation slides)

Supporting Documents:

Apps Table (For some apps that I've used in class, living document- updated.)

Reflection/ Review on the Event

October 2015- 
Fall Conference OMLTA- Alliston, ON

Workshop Topic: Inquiry in Core French (Click title for Presentation Slides)

Supporting Documents: Download here

April 2016
Talk to Me/ Parle-moi! OMLTA- Toronto, ON

Workshop Topic: In depth into Inquiry in Core French- Click title for Presentation Slides
(Folks in my Fall talk requested I do a longer workshop at the Spring conference- so I did!)

Supporting Documents here

November 11 2016 (Friday November 11, 2016 @ 10:00)
Bring IT Together (BIT16), Niagara Falls, ON

Workshop Topic: Making the Most of Cell Phones in the Classroom

November 19 2016 @ 8:45- 11:00
OMLTA Fall Conference, Peterborough ON


  1. Emily Tschirhart28 April 2017 at 11:04

    Where do I send links for the Beyond France collection of resources?

    1. You could send them to me, or add them in the comments section of the French Beyond France tab on this blog! Thank you for wanting to add and share!