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Here is a list of a few apps that I like.  These are some ideas and apps that I have used teaching Junior and intermediate FSL.  I have tried to include Android options where I can.  This is by no means a complete list!  As I come up with more ideas, I will add to this list, so be sure to check back often.  I hope that you find this useful.  If you have some idea that you would like to add, please email me at and let me know!  This list is available as a downloadable PDF document here.  Enjoy!
-         Stephanie 


(iTunes App store only, Cost: App- Free, but Complete Collection (instruments)- $ 4.99)

I love this app for making music for my classes.  Eventually, I would like the students to use it to create their own music.  It is free from the Apple App Store, but there is cost to add some of the instruments. Here is a post on how I've used this app for teaching.


(iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Cost: Free)

I love Educreations for screencasting some student work.  I like to use screencasting instead of presentations because they take up less class time, and the students can speak naturally and spontaneously about their work.  They seem to be more comfortable speaking French to the ipad than to a classroom full of people.  Students use the app to take a picture of their work, and run us through what they have created.  Here's an example of how I've used this app for FSL class.  One issue I have with this app: All the videos are uploaded to the Educreations website, and there is no way to download the video off that site.  On the upside: it is simple to use, and simple to share the videos between platforms, and I can upload the videos that the students make into my Educreations account from a number of different ipads, really easily.


(iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Web-based App, Cost: Free, but there are In App Purchases)

Nearpod is a great application for leading students on web-tours.  It was especially useful to guide students through using a new iPad app or on a tour of websites for students to use.  There is even a function to create a quiz or survey to quickly gather data on student learning.  Using the web-based app to create lesson is great.  There are a collection of lessons that have been created and shared, or you can make your own.  Once the lesson has been created, students access the lesson by entering a PIN into the app.  Then, they complete the lesson in their own time from anywhere their is WiFi.  When I sign in as the instructor, I can see which students have logged in (they provide their name when they log on) and what the results of any quizzes or surveys are.  I have used it to activate prior knowledge with students, and to provide support for students to conduct research in French.  Added bonus, in HWDSB, Nearpod is a standard app on any tablet/ device that has been prepared by the board.  Nearpod is a good way of getting all students, on a number of different iPads on the same page.   


(iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Cost: Free, but there are In App Purchases, likeads removal for $0.99)

Charades is a game application, where words flash on the screen and the players are suppose to act out the words in the time allotted.  For my FSL classes, I use this as a fun kind of warm-up game.  Using the "Quick Play" mode, you are able to make up your own cards with the "Custom deck" option.  I made a few decks for all my classes, and we use this as our warm up sometimes.  I show the students the words, and if they are correct, I tip the iPad down, to keep score.  If they are wrong, or take too long, I tip the iPad up to pass.  At the end of the round (a minute) the App keeps score for us, and we see how we did.  Usually we play a few times, so we can try to beat our score.  Its kind of like really exciting flash cards.  For a fun activity, students can play the game the way its instructions say, but in French.  Another way I have used this games, is as a sort of "password" game for circumlocution.  I have one deck called "circumlocution."  Students have to give clues for the secret word.  For example, one of the words was "décembre," the clues could be "hiver," "noël," or "il fait froid."  Three strategies from one app.  Not too shabby.

Little Story Maker

(iTunes App Store, Not Available in the Google Play Store, Cost: Free)

Little Story Maker is an app that let's students take pictures and write and record about their story.  My students have used this app to make a guide about our school.  They went around and took pictures, and then wrote and read their stories to the app.  Students were to read 2 of the guides and we talked about how the guides were helpful to new students.  I hope to use this app so that students can make an interactive magazine about the green initiatives at our school.

(iTunes App Store, Not Available in Google Play Store, Windows Program for Desktop Computer, Cost $4.99/ app, 29.99/ full suite desktop program)

Like the computer program, this app edits photos and allows you to put them into comic book format.  Here's an example:

In class we designed our costumes, and the students had to justify their choices for costume.  Then we dressed up and had a photo shoot, and the students created their "catch-phrase" and their super powers.  There are different templates and fonts to use, and the pictures can exported as PDF or emailed, and saved.


(iTunes App Store, Similar App at Google Play Store, Cost: Free with in app purchases, but they are all for stickers to add to your photos.)

Students can take pictures and record their description about the picture they took.  This is not a screencasting app, so the students can't write on the pictures or anything, this is for interactive photo taking.

Guess Who?

(iTunes App Store, Similar, Already in French!Google Play Store, Cost: Free, in app purchases, but I use the free one "Freemium" version from Apple.)

If you change the language in the settings, the game become "Qui est-ce?" and you can play in French.  I project it on the screen and we play in teams, and as a class.  Great for description vocabulary.  The Google Play Version is already in French!

(iTunes App Store, Not Available in Google Play Store, Web site, Cost: Free for 1 lesson, $0.99 for additional lesson packs)

This app has little cartoons and games to teach basic vocab and conversation.  Its like an updated version of those old cassette tape method of learning French.  Remember those?  Not a lesson replacement at all, but good for practice.  I like to project it and use it as a consolidation for a topic.  The cartoons are funny, and interactive, and students enjoy it.  For more advanced students, there is Doki French Further, which uses more vocabulary and more sophisticated conversations.

(iTunes App Store, Not Available in Google Play Store, Cost: Free)

I love Voice Thread!  I use it for a "pen pal" activity.  Students can connect through Voice Thread using the internet, and talk about any topic using a picture.  Students have a chance for authentic conversation with another student in another school, with the support of drawing and photos to ground their conversation in a topic.  Students record, then share-- focusing on oral communication instead of letter writing.

Adobe Connect is another app that can be used for a conversation/ conference activity.  Participants connect by logging into the app using a URL and students can have conversations with chat support and document support within the same app.  Similar to Google Hangouts.


(, available in both the iTunes App store and Google Play)

See this post for some ideas about how I use Lino in FSL Core class. Great tool for Inquiry, and collecting information.  The different colored notes are great for organizing information in a way students can understand and emulate.  Also allows for people to post pictures to the boards, as well as video to highlight examples etc.  Teacher needs a free account, but you can log in with you Google account (or Facebook).  Lino creates HTML tags and code for easy sharing and embedding onto other websites.  

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