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This page is a collection of the resources that I find online, or that I am sent by colleagues.  I have  found them helpful, and I hope you can too! I do not own the rights to any of these resources.  I could not find them online, and so I wanted to share them here.  I am not sure if this violates copyright-- so if it does, please let know so I can take them down.  Thank you!

Resources for adding technology to FSL class:

Great website that includes articles on "How to argue for iPads in the classroom," and "Practical ways to get started with iPad."  There is even an iPad 101, the basics page for people who may not be comfortable with the device itself.  The essential apps for educators list is very useful, and a great place to loo for apps and ideas.


This is the website for Technology consultant Catherine Ousselin from Mount Vernon, WA in the U.S.  She is a french teacher, and works to help infuse tech into all word language classes in her board.  She has a great, and comprehensive list of apps that can be used in French, with links to the apps in the app store, and a brief description of each app.  I have a printed out copy that I consult for new ideas.

Article: 12 Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom, Even for Technophobic Teachers

A great article that helps you prepare and start using tech in your class.  There are 12 strategies that are great introductions into tech teaching, that involve very little prep and know-how to implement.

Infographic: iPad Classroom: First 5, Version 1  and Version 2

Just got a new iPad?  Did your school board implement a one-to-one technology project?  Don't know where to start?  Here's a great graphic that shows you the easiest, quickest apps to explore that have the biggest educational payoff.


A good list of apps for the classroom with a brief description of their functions.  If you work in the HWDSB (like I do), this is the list of apps that are available on (or for quick download) on all Board devices.

eTools for Language Teachers

A good resource for different apps and Web 2.0 programs that can be used in the French class.  This is a great site if you are starting to feel comfortable with tech, as the site can be overwhelming.  If you are confident with you tech abilities, this site is a goldmine of ideas and reviews for activities and tech infusion into the classroom.

Teaching French with Technology

A great (!) reflexive blog written by an FSL teacher.  This blog follows her strategies and learning about using technology to teach French, and engage her students.  Some really fabulous activity ideas are availbe on this blog.  I read it all the time.

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything

Technology This is a consistently growing guide to everything tech.  Got a question about BYOD?  There's an entry for that.  Want more information about iPads in class?  There are a number of articles to look at here.  Want to know what tech skills a teacher should learn?  There's an entry for that too.  Great resource. I have this site bookmarked.

Infographic: iPadagogy Wheel

This infographic uses Bloom's taxonomy as a basis for listing good uses of certain applications.  Within the graphic, there are many great activity ideas that can be applied to FSL classes as activities and projects.

Resources and strategies for teaching French:

Parlez-Moi en francais!- This is a PDF resource from  Teaching Consultant David Joseph in the Greater-Essex District School Board.  It has a great ideas for oral activities that help students engage in meaningful talk.  I refer to my copy often! 

 Student Assessment Tools- I like this resource because it has some great ideas for activities, and assessment.  I especially like that it focuses on self and peer assessment, and provides some great ways to encourage students to provide constructive feedback to each other.  PDF file.

The Mulitlevel Classroom- I use this to help me differentiate in my class.  It is one of the most difficult tasks, but really rewarding for me.  I have a lot of students with significant learning disabilities and challenges, so this resource was my crash course in DI until I could get some training.



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